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Many patients have asked the physicians at Tilia Natural Health how to protect themselves from possible radiation exposure. First, I’d like to suggest that we all help each other not succumb to fear-mongering being propagated by the media. The truth is that we don’t know much yet- how much radiation is being released, and if or when we will be affected in this country.

I  will assure you that I will vigilantly keep up to date with media sources I trust to try to find ‘the truth,’ and will let you know my thoughts on how to most optimally stay healthy.

In the meantime, we can keep perspective that this is a very real, immediate crisis for hundreds of thousands of people living in Japan. Here, now, we can pray for our fellow humans. We can pray that all the world’s governments will revisit and seriously consider the wide-spread implications of housing nuclear power plants anywhere on the planet without adequate safety systems in place. We can also practice daily wellness for ourselves and our families, including eating more sea veggies than perhaps we normally would.

Three articles that I have found that are helping to ground me in this truly terrifying catastrophe:


Thanks to Karyn Shwartz, owner of the new herb shop, Sugarpill, on Capitol Hill in Seattle, for this one: http://home.iae.nl/users/lightnet/health/radiation.htm


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