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We recently learned of a voluntary recall of a product that we sell, which brought to light another reason to consider buying your supplements from Tilia Natural Health. In the recall, the ingredients were not dangerous, but were off from what was labelled. We were able to contact all of the patients who purchased this very popular supplement and provide them with a free replacement. Would Amazon do that for you? I think not.

Other reasons to support your local brick and mortar clinic:

  • The doctors have vetted all the products that are on the shelves. We know they work for what we prescribe them for.
  • All of our products come directly from the manufacturer or from a trusted, vetted vendor, so you are not getting any knock-off products (they exist!).
  • You are supporting the salaries of the lovely employees of Tilia Natural Health, keeping the local Seattle economy thriving with livable wage jobs.
  • We don’t make a huge profit off of these supplements! We mark them up so we can pay everyone who touches them a fair and livable wage. We effort to provide you with the convenience of purchasing high quality supplements so that you can trust that what you are putting into your body is healthful not just in ingredients but in the process of its distribution.
  • We support small vendors when we can, like the lovely Tree Frog Farm on Lummi Island, Wild Season Botanicals in Hansville, WA and Heron Botanicals in Kingston, WA. Your purchases from Tilia help them continue to make the vital medicine that they are being called to make. Bless the herbalists, it is always a labor of love.
  • You get what you pay for. Amazon has cheaper products, but at what cost? Are their employees happy, from the corporate offices to the warehouses, with livable wages. Do they source only from ethical, sustainable companies? Do they care about you? I encourage you to vote for the kind of world you want to live in by shopping a local brick and mortar stores. A shout out to one of our favorites- Sugarpill.

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A great way to eat your green leafies, and they are fun for kids to help make (and eat!). If you eat at a party, make sure you check your teeth! ☺
There are many recipes online: Ranch kale chips, Chipotle kale chips etc. Look around for ways to customize this great snack.

• 1 bunch of kale (Dr. Fuller’s favorite is dinosaur/lacinto kale. If you use thinner kale like Russian kale, decrease baking time and/or temperature).
• olive oil
• salt and pepper to taste

Wash kale. Shred kale into chip sized pieces (1-2 inches diameter) and spread 1 layer on a baking pan, drizzle kale with olive oil, add salt and pepper to taste. Bake at 325ºF for 8-10 minutes (should be crispy, not burnt). You may need to adjust baking time and/or temperature depending on your oven.

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We are happy to announce that Dr. Alicia Cole is now a provider for Regence insurance plans.

Starting at the first of this month, both Dr. Cole and Dr. Fuller are accepting insurance from the following:

• Aetna
• Cigna
• First Choice
• LifeWise
• Premera
• Regence

For Dr. Cole’s current patients who have a Regence plan, we are happy to start billing insurance for all future visits.

Both Dr. Cole and Dr. Fuller are accepting new patients. Visit our website to learn more!

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Blue Valley Logo

Tilia Natural Health is partnering with Blue Valley Meats to bring healthy protein options to the neighborhood. Blue Valley Meats is based in Walla Walla, Washington and sells healthy, sustainable animal products free of antibiotics and hormones. They offer Beef, Pork and Chicken, organic

, grass-fed Dairy products and seasonal specialties like Lamb and Seafood. They even offer meat and bone products for your pets!

On the Tilia/Tangletown delivery day (Friday), the BVM delivery truck will be on 1st Street next to our clinic at 1:30pm for customers to pick up orders. Sign up on their website to find delivery dates, place an order and choose your pick up location. Our location is currently set for every 3 weeks.

We are excited to offer this sustainable and healthy resource for the meat- and/or dairy-consuming members of our community.


Blue Valley Meats Pricelist

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Tilia is now carrying Seattle’s own Dr. William Mitchell’s Fruit Anthocyanins, a concentrate of dark fruit and berry juices.

Many scientific studies have been conducted around the world, showing that the particular fruits and berries contained in this blend – Red Grape, Elderberry, Blueberry, Aronia Berry, Pomegranate and Red Raspberry – have extraordinary health benefits. Listed below are several of the promising research areas for human health applications:

• AntibacterialMitchell's Fruit Anthocyanins
• Anti-inflammatory
• Antioxidant
• Antiviral
• Cancer treatments
• Cardiovascular Disease
• Connective Tissue Health
• Diabetes
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Eye Conditions
• Gastrointestinal Conditions
• Nerve Conditions
• Obesity
• Pulmonary Conditions
• Skin Health
• Urinary Conditions

Each bottle of Fruit Anthocyanins contains of 8 ounces (about 48 servings) of fresh, preservative and additive-free fruit concentrate. The product must be kept refrigerated and can last up to 4 months in the fridge or one year in the freezer.

Stop by to purchase your bottle of delicious “super juice”.

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Tilia Natural Health is excited to announce that Dr. Carolyn Fuller is joining Tilia Natural Health as of Monday June 25th, 2012.

Dr. Fuller received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 2005 from Bastyr University and is licensed as a primary care provider in the state of Washington. She is credentialed with most major insurance plans.

Dr. Fuller strives to determine the root of her patient’s complaints and works with each patient to create an individualized treatment plan to re-establish physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being with an emphasis on overall wellness.

Areas of emphasis include but are not limited to: women’s health, hormone regulation, chronic fatigue, digestive complaints and wellness optimization. Dr. Fuller is accepting new patients and looks forward to meeting and exceeding your health and wellness goals!

For more about Dr. Fuller, go to our website here.

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Dr. Walton has a couple of open hours this week to help you and your family make a plan for a healthy, happy, and peaceful 2012. Call today to welcome 2012 by honoring your health!

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Spring DetoxDr. Jamine Blesoff will present a simple detox plan to help you “clean house” and prepare for increased physical activity during the upcoming warmer months.

Dr. Blesoff will cover:

  • the primary organs involved in detoxification
  • simple, safe techniques to open and encourage detox pathways
  • how to tell if its working, or working “too much”

Included in this fun and informative classroom-style presentation will be handouts on dietary suggestions and recipes along with detox techniques you can do at home.

You’ll get to sample detox tea during the presentation, and will receive 10% off any “detox supplies” which you may find useful as you design a home detox program with the help of Dr. Blesoff.

Tilia flowersWho: All are welcome! You do not need to be a current patient to sign up for this program.
When: Wednesday, April 20 from 6-8pm
Where: Tilia Natural Health at 105 NE 56th Street in Tangletown
How: Registration is $15, and space is limited, so register now by sending an email to: frontdesk@tilianaturalhealth.com

About the speaker:
Jamine Blesoff received her doctorate of naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University. She is dedicated to building healthy communities and is excited to share this information with the Tangletown community and beyond! Read more about Dr. Jamine: http://www.tilianaturalhealth.com/meet_the_doctors.html

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