We are happy to announce that Dr. Alicia Cole is now a provider for Regence insurance plans.

Starting at the first of this month, both Dr. Cole and Dr. Fuller are accepting insurance from the following:

• Aetna
• Cigna
• First Choice
• LifeWise
• Premera
• Regence

For Dr. Cole’s current patients who have a Regence plan, we are happy to start billing insurance for all future visits.

Both Dr. Cole and Dr. Fuller are accepting new patients. Visit our website to learn more!

Blue Valley Logo

Tilia Natural Health is partnering with Blue Valley Meats to bring healthy protein options to the neighborhood. Blue Valley Meats is based in Walla Walla, Washington and sells healthy, sustainable animal products free of antibiotics and hormones. They offer Beef, Pork and Chicken, organic

, grass-fed Dairy products and seasonal specialties like Lamb and Seafood. They even offer meat and bone products for your pets!

On the Tilia/Tangletown delivery day (Friday), the BVM delivery truck will be on 1st Street next to our clinic at 1:30pm for customers to pick up orders. Sign up on their website to find delivery dates, place an order and choose your pick up location. Our location is currently set for every 3 weeks.

We are excited to offer this sustainable and healthy resource for the meat- and/or dairy-consuming members of our community.


Blue Valley Meats Pricelist

Tilia is now carrying Seattle’s own Dr. William Mitchell’s Fruit Anthocyanins, a concentrate of dark fruit and berry juices.

Many scientific studies have been conducted around the world, showing that the particular fruits and berries contained in this blend – Red Grape, Elderberry, Blueberry, Aronia Berry, Pomegranate and Red Raspberry – have extraordinary health benefits. Listed below are several of the promising research areas for human health applications:

• AntibacterialMitchell's Fruit Anthocyanins
• Anti-inflammatory
• Antioxidant
• Antiviral
• Cancer treatments
• Cardiovascular Disease
• Connective Tissue Health
• Diabetes
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Eye Conditions
• Gastrointestinal Conditions
• Nerve Conditions
• Obesity
• Pulmonary Conditions
• Skin Health
• Urinary Conditions

Each bottle of Fruit Anthocyanins contains of 8 ounces (about 48 servings) of fresh, preservative and additive-free fruit concentrate. The product must be kept refrigerated and can last up to 4 months in the fridge or one year in the freezer.

Stop by to purchase your bottle of delicious “super juice”.

Tilia Natural Health is excited to announce that Dr. Carolyn Fuller is joining Tilia Natural Health as of Monday June 25th, 2012.

Dr. Fuller received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 2005 from Bastyr University and is licensed as a primary care provider in the state of Washington. She is credentialed with most major insurance plans.

Dr. Fuller strives to determine the root of her patient’s complaints and works with each patient to create an individualized treatment plan to re-establish physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being with an emphasis on overall wellness.

Areas of emphasis include but are not limited to: women’s health, hormone regulation, chronic fatigue, digestive complaints and wellness optimization. Dr. Fuller is accepting new patients and looks forward to meeting and exceeding your health and wellness goals!

For more about Dr. Fuller, go to our website here.

And with growth comes change. As many of you already know, Tilia Natural Health has a new receptionist – Emily Himmelright – who is our full-time administrative staff. This allows us to have business hours outside those times available with Dr. Walton and Dr. Cole. Now you can pick up supplements, drop in, or call to make an appointment, etc., throughout the week.

Our new regular hours are:

Monday: 10a – 5pm
Tuesday: 11a – 6:30p
Wednesday: 9a – 4p
Thursday: 9a – 4p
Friday: 9a – 4p

While Dr. Cole currently has weekend hours on select Saturdays from 10-noon, there is no administrative staff presently on hand.

Additionally, we are streamlining and working out the kinks in our procedures and policies toward improving our patients’ experiences at Tilia Natural Health. You may notice a few changes during your future visits here; we sincerely hope you experience their benefit.

Thank you for growing with us!

Spring is here!

Now is the perfect time to create the conditions for renewal in your body. Tilia Natural Health will help support your healthiest inner self this season with our Spring Cleanse Kit. In addition to a brief consultation to establish your unique detox goals, we are offering a discount on a 2-week supplement regime that will cleanse the bowels and support the liver.

The Spring Cleanse Kit includes a 30-minute visit and 2 weeks of specific supplements to support healthy elimination and detox.
* $75 for current patients
* $100 for new patients
This is a discount of more than 30% off the regular pricing for these products and services.

Come into the new season with high energy, clear skin and zest for life! Call now to schedule your visit.

This offer is good through April, so reserve your time now.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Alicia Cole is now accepting insurance for naturopathic services. She is currently contracted as a preferred, in-network provider with Premera and Lifewise Insurance companies. In the coming months Dr. Cole will also begin accepting additional insurance including First Choice, Regence/UMP, Aetna, Cigna and United Healthcare.

As a benefit to Dr. Cole’s patients, Tilia Natural Health will submit all necessary information from your visit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Please check with your insurance company to find out your coverage for naturopathic services before scheduling an appointment.

For further information or if you have any questions, please call the front desk at (206) 257-5817.

Dr. Walton has a couple of open hours this week to help you and your family make a plan for a healthy, happy, and peaceful 2012. Call today to welcome 2012 by honoring your health!

Tilia Natural Health is excited to announce that we will be holding a drop-in Vitamin B-12 Injection Clinic starting January 2012.

Are you feeling run down, low on energy or depressed?

You may have a Vitamin B12 deficiency

Vitamin B12 is also protective against cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia as well as treating certain medical conditions such as peripheral neuropathy in diabetics, sciatica, chronic pain, migraine headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, dandruff, acne, menstrual cramps, asthma, smoking cessation and is recommended by Oncologists to help heal the nervous system after chemo and radiation.

Stop in to Tilia Natural Health for a quick, low-hassle Vitamin B12 injection to help boost your mood and fight fatigue.

Drop-In Hours: Monday, Thursday and Friday from 9am-12pm, or add to your existing appointment

Open to all current Tilia patients as well as the general public. Appointments also available.

January Special: $15 per Vitamin B12 Injection  (Regularly $25/injection)

Call our front desk with questions: (206) 257-5817

Supporting the Immune System:

Herbal remedies for cold and flu prevention

Presented by Crystal Stelzer, herbalist

Cold and flu season will be on us before we know it, so now is the perfect time to help support the immune system to thwart those nasty bugs that will be out and about. In this class we’ll discuss how to best support the immune system in terms of preventative care. We will begin by exploring the immune system in simple terms, and then we’ll learn about herbs that can help boost the system’s defense mechanisms in order to prevent getting ill. We will then discuss herbs that are antiviral for killing viruses, antibacterial for killing bacterial infections, and adaptogenic herbs which help support our body’s responses to stress. Handouts will be given, including herbal recipes that are simple to make so you can begin supporting your immune system now. There will also be a bevy of herbal products to sample, which will be made from the recipe list.

Who: All are welcome – You do not need to be a current patient to sign up for this program.
When: Friday, Nov. 18th from 5-7pm
Where: Tilia Natural Health at 105 NE 56th Street in Tangletown
How: Registration is $30, and space is limited, so register now by sending an email to:frontdesk@tilianaturalhealth.com.

About the speaker:
Crystal’s knowledge stems from her devotion to all things green, and from her education in herbal medicine. Crystal holds a bachelor’s of science in Herbal Medicine from Bastyr University, where she is an adjunct faculty member teaching classes in the Botanical Medicine department. Read more about Crystal here.